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Throughout the United States, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) defines and regulates overtime wage requirements, minimum wage, standard workweek hours, and child labor standards. Moreover, FLSA outlines employee eligibility for overtime pay.

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Who Is Eligible For FLSA Pittsburgh Overtime?

The Fair Labor Standard Act lays out specific requirements for employees to be eligible for overtime pay under this law. As a result, an employee must meet the salary and task parameters of FLSA. Pennsylvania Overtime Compensation Lawyers offer expert and friendly advice if you have questions about your eligibility for FSLA coverage.

What Is Overtime Pay?

Overtime pay is calculated based on your employee wage. For every hour worked over the standard 40-hour workweek, overtime compensation is time and a half (1.5) pay. Employees must track time. Understandably, this compensation only applies to those eligible for overtime.

What Are The Requirements For Being Eligible For Overtime?

FLSA created two categories for testing the eligibility of employees for overtime compensation. While one is based on how much an employee makes hourly, the other investigates the employee’s job responsibilities. Consequently, you must pass both tests to be eligible for FLSA.

Salary Test:

Focused on numbers, the salary requires that an employee makes a certain amount of money to be eligible for overtime payment. These numbers take into consideration highly compensated employees who do not hold professional, academic, or administrative positions.

  • FLSA-eligible: paid less than $47,476 per year or $913 per week.
  • Not eligible: earn more than $134,004 per year.

Responsibility Test:

Examining the tasks an employee does on a daily basis illuminates whether or not that employee is eligible for FLSA. Job title holds no weight. An employee is exempt from FLSA coverage if he or she participates in any type of work that fits the categories below.

  • Administrative work
  • Professional job capacity
  • Executive work duties
  • Other sales work

Determining your eligibility for FLSA through the responsibility test can be complicated. However, a lawyer understands the intricacies of FLSA and can help you figure out whether or not you are eligible for overtime.

Pass Or Fail

I Passed. I Am Eligible For FLSA Pittsburgh Overtime.


FLSA requires that your employer pays you time and a half (1.5) of your regular pay for overtime hours. If you are not receiving overtime wages for hours worked over the standard 40-hour workweek, contact us.

I Failed. I Am Not Eligible For FLSA Pittsburgh Overtime.

Although you are not eligible for FLSA overtime coverage, you are still protected by other employment laws. If you think that your employer is violating your employment rights, contact us.


Common FLSA Pittsburgh Violations

Pittsburgh FLSA fights to protect the rights of employees throughout the city and suburbs.  Employers, knowingly or unknowingly, fail sometimes to comply with FLSA requirements. Accordingly, these reoccurring issues must be challenged. If you’ve faced any of the below problems in your workplace, contact an FLSA attorney immediately.

“Off the Clock” Work and Payment

If you are required to perform certain tasks before clocking in, you should be paid for that time. As a matter of fact, employers who mandate that employees arrive or leave fifteen minutes before his or her shift without being on the clock are contradicting the law. Contact a lawyer now.

Unpaid Overtime

In some situations, employers refuse to pay overtime. Your employer may miscalculate your time and pay or misclassify you. If you suspect that you are not being paid correctly under FLSA, you may want to sue your employer for unpaid overtime wages.

Failure To Pay Wages

When an employment relationship terminates, rightful wages might not be paid. An employer who refuses to pay the due wages to an employee is acting against the law. If you have unpaid wages, contact a lawyer now to receive your rightful payment.

Tipped Employees

Employers are required to ensure that their tipped employees are paid at minimum wage at the end of the day. Therefore, if the final wages of a pay period are less than minimum wage, the employer must fill the gap. Tipped employees are protected by FLSA. 

Misclassified Employees

Overtime wages belong to FLSA eligible employees only. Occasionally, employers misclassify employees exempt so no overtime wages need to be paid. Although this is illegal, it happens.


Filing a claim against your employer naturally may make you feel like a target. Still, any negative employment action such as threats, termination, or violence is against the law. Most often, retaliation is subtle. Contact an FLSA attorney who will help you know how to handle retaliation for an overtime complaint.


If you are eligible for FLSA Pittsburgh overtime wages and have not received wages for overtime, contact a lawyer.

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