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Erie Unemployment Attorney

An Erie unemployment attorney advocates for employee unemployment rights in and around the city of Erie. While not all employees are eligible for unemployment, some employees fail to receive rightful benefits due to wrongful termination or other uncontrollable reasons. Consequently, an attorney boosts your chance of a favorable outcome for your unemployment situation.

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Q&A With An Erie Unemployment Attorney

An Erie unemployment attorney knows what’s up when it comes to the unemployment legal system because he or she has lots of experience in this area. Of course, even if you understand the law, hiring an advocate strengthens your case and ensures objective representation. However, we’ve compiled this list of reasons, too.

1. Wrongfully fired or forced to quit?

An Erie unemployment lawyer scrutinizes the facts of your situation and measures it against current law. Naturally, your lawyer knows when to pursue a situation under the law to recover your rightful unemployment benefits. Furthermore, your lawyer helps you to provide the right information to support your case for unemployment compensation.

2. Has your employer violated your legal rights?

In some situations, employers take negative employment action against an employee because he or she has filed a complaint. Retaliation is, of course, illegal. Additionally, include a retaliation complaint with the original complaint against the company. Since retaliation causes more problems, you can depend on your Erie unemployment lawyer to offer advice for dealing with your employer and to fight for your rights.

3. Were your unemployment benefits wrongly denied?

When your unemployment benefits are wrongly denied, you can file a complaint. Consequently, gather together the materials necessary to demonstrate your unemployment compensation eligibility. An Erie unemployment attorney offers guidance for filing and advice for your unemployment compensation hearing.

4. What can I do to make my claim more credible?

Build the credibility of your claim by presenting yourself well, understanding the legal aspect of your situation, and staying professional throughout. Of course, the best thing you can do for your case is to hire an Erie unemployment lawyer because he or she is already a respected professional in the legal system. Furthermore, your attorney negotiates a favorable outcome for you.

5. What about the UC hearing?

An Erie unemployment attorney explains the hearing process to you because he or she recognizes that for most the legal system is not comfortable. Of course, your lawyer also answers your questions about the process and prepares you for all possibilities. Therefore, if you have questions now about your unemployment, contact us.

How Do I File For Unemployment Compensation?

Filing for unemployment compensation is simple. However, if your benefits are denied, naturally the process becomes more complicated. While searching for a new job and appealing the decision on your unemployment compensation might be the last thing you want to do, consulting and hiring a lawyer will aid your case.

  1. Determine your eligibility for PA unemployment compensation.
  2. Apply for unemployment benefits online.
  3. Receive your Notice of Determination.
  4. If your benefits are denied, appeal the determination.
  5. Receive an assigned date for an UC Referee Hearing.
  6. Keep appealing if your benefits are denied.

First of all, unemployment law allows you to continue to appeal the original and following decisions if you do not receive unemployment benefits. Due strict deadlines, be sure to timely on your appeals. A missed deadline ends your appeal process early. Meanwhile, once your case reaches the Commonwealth Court, the decision passed by this court is final.

If you are planning to file for unemployment compensation or to appeal an unemployment decision, contact an Erie employment lawyer because he or she will benefit your case with legal knowledge and guidance.

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