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The United States government established the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to supervise the equality education of workplaces and lead the investigation of discrimination complaints. Meanwhile, the national organization delegated offices throughout certain areas, regions, and districts to spearhead the mission of the EEOC in every area of the United States.

The EEOC Norristown area falls under the jurisdiction of the EEOC Philadelphia district office, which also supervises the state of Pennsylvania and other nearby states.

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Filing An EEOC Norristown Complaint

If you live in the EEOC Norristown area and decide to file a complaint in person, the nearest office to you is the EEOC Philadelphia district office. Since the Philadelphia oversees a large region, call the office to request a time to file your complaint. After all, the office may not be able to handle all the walk-ins.

The EEOC Philadelphia district office invites walk-ins to arrive within 8:30 am to 3:30 pm from Monday to Thursday. However, be sure to arrive at least an hour before close.

Before filing with the EEOC, speak with a lawyer about what legal options are available to you for your situation because in some cases an EEOC complaint may not be the best option. Moreover, a lawyer can file an EEOC complaint for you.

Time’s Wasting: Filing A Complaint

Unsurprisingly, employment discrimination disrupts the productivity and security of a workplace because employees no longer feel safe. Although ignoring the discrimination may be tempting, discrimination should be complained about immediately because the EEOC sets certain time limits for filing. While filing a complaint comes with instruction, a lawyer provides inside knowledge of what strengthens your case in the legal proceedings. After all, a complaint often begins a full-out legal battle.

Requirements for Filing an EEOC Norristown Complaint

To keep complaints timely and current, the EEOC requires that complaints be filed within 180 days of the alleged discriminatory action. However, some states lengthen this national standard. Pennsylvania state law moved to add more time to certain EEOC limits because it recognized a need.

Pennsylvania State Law Time Extensions

15+ Employees:

In Pennsylvania, the state law extends the length of time that a complaint may be filed to 300 days in discrimination situations due to racecolororientationsexreligion, or disability.

20+ Employees:

Pennsylvania increases complaint filing time for age discrimination to 300 days of the alleged incident.

Four Steps For Filing A Complaint

Although filing a complaint is simple, certain factors used in the complaint could influence your outcome further in the legal process. Therefore, speaking with a lawyer may be useful since a lawyer can foresee what the system might look like for your case. However, we’ve included the below so you can know what this section of the legal process looks like.

The Filing Steps

1. Check with the EEOC to ascertain whether your situation falls under the jurisdiction of the EEOC.

2. Ensure that the alleged discriminatory action against you occurred within the window of opportunity for filing a complaint.

3. Since an office visit requires the availability of someone to work with you, prepare to spend 2-3 hours at the office.

4. Answer questions and share evidence while you are interviewed about your complaint.

5. Bring the following information.

  • your name, address, and telephone number
  • the company name, address, and phone number that you are filing a complaint about
  • discrimination description
  • evidence of discrimination
  • witness information
  • discrimination events and dates

After filing your complaint, you will wait to hear the outcome of the EEOC’s review and evaluation. Since the EEOC handles only the major discriminatory problems, consult with a lawyer to know what other legal options are available to you.

If you have experienced employment discrimination, contact an EEOC Norristown employment lawyer because a lawyer evaluates your situation and offers you legal options.

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