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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission strives to ensure equality for all employees throughout the United States, through education and complaint investigation. Since the EEOC is a federal board, the EEOC sets the standard for state and local law.

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What’s The Nearest EEOC Area Office To Erie?

The nearest office for EEOC Erie complaints is the Pittsburgh Area Office. While Erie falls under the jurisdiction of the Pittsburgh Area Office, the overarching district office is located in Philadelphia. Consequently, the Philadelphia District Office manages the Pittsburgh Area Office, the Cleveland Field Office, and the Baltimore Field Office.

Due to the size of the United States, the EEOC placed fifteen district offices over specific areas of the nation. Each district office oversees 1-5 area offices. Meanwhile, the area offices are given jurisdiction over specific counties.

EEOC Pittsburgh Jurisdictional Area

The Pittsburgh Area Office presides over the state of West Virginia and the following Pennsylvania counties.

  • Allegheny
  • Armstrong
  • Beaver
  • Bedford
  • Blair
  • Butler
  • Cambria
  • Clarion
  • Clearfield
  • Crawford
  • Elk
  • Erie
  • Fayette
  • Forest
  • Green
  • Indiana
  • Jefferson
  • Lawrence
  • McKean
  • Mercer
  • Somerset
  • Venango
  • Warren
  • Washington
  • Westmoreland

Filing A Complaint In An EEOC Office

Much of what you need to do to file a complaint can be accomplished online; yet, if you choose to file a complaint in person, call ahead because you can make an appointment or ensure the office has availability to handle your complaint. Of course, walk-ins are welcome.

In addition, the benefit of visiting the office is that the EEOC staff tries to direct you to next steps, whether or not your situation fits the EEOC.

Most of all, keep in mind that a lawyer may be your best option because a lawyer offers in-depth knowledge, personal attention, and guided next steps.

When Should I File A Complaint?

Research your options immediately when you have suffered employment discrimination because filing with the EEOC may not be in your best interest. Due to a high volume of filed complaints, the EEOC often cannot pursue every discrimination case. Meanwhile, the EEOC also values timeliness, demanding that complaints be filed within the minimum of 180 days. Some state and local governments provide time extensions on the EEOC filing time because of the type of discrimination that occurred.

Consequently, an employment lawyer may be able to reveal alternative options to handle your situation. He or she will know whether your situation is a case because your lawyer comprehends the law and past legislative decisions.

Plan Ahead: 4 Steps For Filing A Complaint

1. Check the EEOC website or call to ask about whether or not your employment discrimination situation is covered by the EEOC. Remember the EEOC has deadlines for filing complaints.

2. For an in-office visit, call ahead to check availability and prepare to be at the office for up to two hours.

3. Part of the filing process includes an interview to determine the extent of the alleged incident. If you have documentation of discrimination, bring it with you.

4. Arrive with the necessary information.

  • your name, address, and telephone number
  • the company name, address, and phone number that you are filing a complaint about
  • discrimination description
  • evidence of discrimination
  • witness information
  • discrimination events and dates


If you have experienced employment discrimination, contact an employment lawyer.

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