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On a national level, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission directs workplace equality education alongside the investigation of discrimination complaints. However, to do this, the EEOC delegates offices throughout the United States to supervise specific areas, districts, and regions. Therefore, the EEOC has a national and local reach.

The EEOC Philadelphia district office oversees the EEOC Berwyn area and the state of Pennsylvania as well as other nearby states.

Speak with a lawyer if you recognize that you’ve experienced employment discrimination in your workplace because a lawyer knows your legal options.

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Filing An EEOC Penn Wynne Complaint

The nearest office to the EEOC Berwyn area is the EEOC Philadelphia district office where you can choose to file a complaint in person. In addition, calling ahead to check the office availability to handle your complaint helps with the efficiency of your visit. Since the office has limited staff, sometimes not everyone can be seen within a business day.

According to the website, the EEOC Philadelphia district office invites walk-ins from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm on Monday to Thursday.

Furthermore, consult a lawyer before filing with the EEOC because a lawyer evaluates your situation and recognizes the best legal options for you. Better yet, when you work with a lawyer, your lawyer handles details such as filing for the EEOC.

Tick-Tock: Meeting the Deadline for Filing A Complaint

While employment discrimination uproots the security you feel your workplace, ignoring the problem could frustrate your chances of receiving legal justice for the discrimination. After all, the discrimination complaints must be filed within a certain timeline. Although filing instructions are simple, an attorney recognizes what small details will aid your case further in the legal system. In some situations, a discrimination complaint grows into a full-out legal battle where every step of the process becomes important.

Requirements for Filing an EEOC Berwyn Complaint

The more recent a discrimination allegation, the simpler it is to prove in court. Therefore, the EEOC set a 180-day time limit for filing after a discriminatory action. Of course, state law has the option to lengthen that time limit, and Pennsylvania state law added time to specific situations.

Pennsylvania State Law Time Extensions

15+ Employees:

In Pennsylvania, the state law extends the length of time that a complaint may be filed to 300 days in discrimination situations due to racecolororientationsexreligion, or disability.

20+ Employees:

Pennsylvania increases complaint filing time for age discrimination to 300 days of the alleged incident.

Four Steps For Filing A Complaint

First of all, filing a complaint is easy. However, some situations multiply complications in the filing process, and consulting a lawyer may be your best option for receiving a favorable action. Moreover, a lawyer can handle your filing and the following steps of your case. But, for your information, we’ve included basic steps for filing a complaint.

The Filing Steps

1. Search the EEOC website or call the office to find out if your situation is covered by the EEOC.

2. Review how many days have passed since the discriminatory action occurred because your complaint must be filed within the standard time limit.

3. Once you visit the office, be sure to have 2-3 hours available for the process since you may have to wait for someone to help you.

4. While interviewing about the discrimination, share all relevant information and answer all questions truthfully.

5. Also, you will need the following information.

  • your name, address, and telephone number
  • the company name, address, and phone number that you are filing a complaint about
  • discrimination description
  • evidence of discrimination
  • witness information
  • discrimination events and dates

Once your complaint is filed, you will wait for a notification from the EEOC of the outcome of your complaint. If the EEOC decides not to continue with your complaint, consult a lawyer about the other legal options available to you for your workplace discrimination.

If you have experienced employment discrimination, contact an EEOC Berwyn employment lawyer because a lawyer evaluates your situation and offers you legal options.

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