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Dustyn Rick

Paralegal – Employment & Litigation

Paralegal Dustyn Rick


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Client reviews for employment lawyers at KM&A

Client reviews for employment lawyers at KM&A

Client Testimonials

I found [Dustyn] very straight forward and to the point, she always asked if I needed anything else after our conversations and to make sure to call if I had a problem, she was always very nice, and I thought that Kayla and her made a great team. I would recommend your firm in a heartbeat if anyone ever needed a disability lawyer or advice.
Bob, litigation client
To deal with this firm is refreshing. Not the typical stuffy attorney office by a long shot. Lots of energy and vitality here, which is demonstrated by the leadership of the owners. You are in good hands with Kraemer, Manes & Associates.
Janet, business client


Dustyn Rick, senior paralegal and office manager at KM&A, is a cornerstone of the firm’s support staff since 2014. She supports the firm’s employment and litigation teams and helps clients on a daily basis. “Dustyn is a friend and advocate for every client at KM&A”Dustyn is a friend and advocate for every client at KM&A, simplifying the process and calming nerves while moving the case forward. She knows that many of the firm’s clients are facing intense pressure, and she strives to smooth the legal process as much as possible.

Prior to joining KM&A, Dustyn worked with clients at two private practice firms, both in the Pittsburgh area.

Results Matter

  • Dustyn assists more than 250 clients
  • Dustyn personally interviews an estimated 35 clients per month
  • Dustyn helps the KM&A attorneys file close to 40 new lawsuits each month

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