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Cranberry Labor Attorney

A Cranberry labor attorney mediates interactions between employers, employees, and labor unions during disputes and negotiations. Of course, only certain industries make use of labor unions, such as steelworkers, teachers, and bus drivers. However, a Cranberry labor attorney strives for a favorable outcome for you.

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Why Hire A Cranberry Labor Attorney?

First of all, a Cranberry labor attorney offers an objective perspective of the arguments creating the legal dispute. Based on these observations, your lawyer enhances your case and formulates your argument. Your Cranberry labor attorney’s legal knowledge also aids the final outcome.

For The Employer: Consult A Cranberry Labor Attorney

Since more than a hundred laws govern business practices, hiring a Cranberry labor attorney ensures your business’s compliance with the law. Moreover, as a business owner, you recognize the importance of planning for the future. Therefore, a Cranberry labor lawyer knows what steps to take to secure your business.

Additionally, if you face any of the below circumstances, consult Cranberry labor attorney because your attorney can lead you through your legal options.

  • Strike talk
  • Union worker being fired
  • Lawsuit threat
    • unlawful overtime
    • discrimination
    • wrongful termination
    • mistreatment
    • harmful work conditions

For The Employee: Consult A Cranberry Labor Attorney

With years of employment and labor law experience and study, a Cranberry labor attorney is also equipped to handle the most difficult of labor law cases. Moreover, your lawyer recognizes unlawful employment circumstances and knows how to handle each situation. Meanwhile, your lawyer leverages the law on your behalf as you pursue your lawful rights.

Consult a Cranberry labor attorney for any of the following situations.

  • Retaliation complaint
  • Negotiating strike terms
  • Planning to file a lawsuit
  • Wrongful termination

Labor Law

The Industrial Revolution spurred the government into creating labor laws to protect the rights of employees and the advocacy of labor unions. Due to the cheap labor and long hours, employees banded together to demand more protections. As a result, we now have Individual Labor Law and Collective Labor Law.

Individual Labor Law

Individual labor law governs individual employee rights. Moreover, this category encompasses the rights offered to every employee in the workplace. It’s also important to differentiate between an “at-will” and contractual employment relationship. While a contact binds an employee to an employer for a set amount of time, an “at-will” employee may leave or be let go at any time.

Individual labor law protects employees in a number of areas.

  • Minimum wage and hours
  • Health and Safety
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Child labor laws

Collective Labor Law

Collective labor law monitors the relationship between the employees, employers, and labor unions so all maintain the right balance. Most notably, labor unions offer members the specific benefits of having a support network that advocates for member employee rights. The collective labor law sets rules for certain labor union interactions with employers and employees in the following areas.

  • Trade unions
  • Collective bargaining
  • Strikes

If your employer or employee has violated the labor law rights, contact a Cranberry labor lawyer because your lawyer will know how to navigate your case under the law.

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