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Berwyn Unemployment Attorney

A Berwyn unemployment attorney analyzes the events leading to the denial of unemployment compensation benefits and creates a strategy for appealing the decision. While the law provides specific instances where eligibility for UC benefits are lost, some situations may be, in fact, eligible for UC benefits. Consequently, some cases are mislabeled as willful misconduct or a voluntary quit. Therefore, an attorney studies the situation and determines your legal options.

Call an attorney because an attorney recognizes when your situation has been falsely categorized ineligible.


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Two Common Reasons for Benefits Denial

While two categories dominate the reason for denial of UC benefits, an individual may be ineligible for UC benefits for other reasons. As a rule, these two common reasons end in ineligibility; however, a skillful lawyer along with certain circumstances may allow a client to gain benefits. Below are the two common reasons for denial of unemployment benefits.

Willful Misconduct

When an employer fires an employee for willful misconduct, the employee is not eligible for unemployment compensation because an employee must support the business interest of the employer. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the employer to prove that willful misconduct occurred. Of course, occasionally, an unemployment lawyer succeeds at proving that the employee’s actions did not originate from malice. Willful misconduct means UC benefits ineligibility.


Voluntary Quit

When an employee voluntarily quits a job, the employee loses eligibility for UC benefits. And yet, with the expertise of a good unemployment attorney, the employee must prove in a hearing that a “necessitous and compelling” reason caused the employee to choose voluntary quit. In that case, the employee receives UC benefits. Of course, in general, voluntary quit ensures ineligibility for UC benefits.

Five Reasons To Hire A Berwyn Unemployment Attorney

A Berwyn unemployment attorney recognizes whether or not your situation has a chance to gain UC benefits under the law. Moreover, a lawyer advocates for your rights, arguing against any accusations brought by your previous employer. While your lawyer continues to champion your case, you focus on seeking a new job to support yourself and your family.

1. You were wrongfully fired or forced to quit.

A Berwyn unemployment attorney studies the circumstances surrounding your ineligibility for UC benefits and assesses how to leverage your appeal at the hearing. Despite the difficulty of reversing a decision on voluntary quit, a skillful lawyer may be able to do it. Also, an attorney offers you all your legal options.

2. Your employer has violated your legal rights.

A Berwyn unemployment attorney provides legal solutions to a legal injustice that you’ve experienced at the hands of your employer while seeking UC benefits. Since retaliation is illegal, an unemployment lawyer recognizes further employment law violations. Meanwhile, the legal process demands complicated documentation and an attorney knows what must be filled out and completed to help your case.

3. UC benefits were wrongly denied.

A Berwyn unemployment attorney surveys your past employment actions and interactions with employers because these factors reveal whether or not your UC benefits were wrongly denied. In most cases, a lawyer chooses not to represent you unless certain that your situation actually has legal support for UC benefits eligibility.

4. The hearing process is routine to an unemployment attorney.

A Berwyn unemployment attorney interacts with the legal system, particularly the hearing process, on a daily basis because that’s part of the job as an unemployment attorney. Moreover, this familiarity enhances the favorable outcome of your hearing.

5. An unemployment lawyer knows the law.

A Berwyn unemployment attorney spent years studying the law and works with the law daily, not only following current legislative rulings but researching unemployment law on the behalf of certain cases. Consequently, a lawyer advocates for your eligibility for UC benefits from the comfort of extensive legal knowledge.

If you have not received your unemployment compensation due to wrongful termination or another reason, contact a Berwyn unemployment lawyer.

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