KM&A Files Second Suit Against Confluence Strategy Partners, LLC


August 25, 2014

Kraemer, Manes & Associates LLC has filed a second complaint against Confluence Strategy Partners on behalf of another aggrieved former employee, Kevin Knop.  In June, KM&A filed a Complaint against Confluence Strategy Partners on behalf of Richard Casagrande, alleging similar violations as those now alleged on behalf of Knop.

The complaint alleges that Confluence Strategy Partners entirely failed to pay Knop his salary or reimburse him for his expenses in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act for approximately the last year and a half of Knop’s employment with Confluence.  Knop worked as Direct of Management Systems for Confluence beginning in May 2012.  Confluence failed to pay Knop his salary beginning in mid-2013 and failed to reimburse Knop for his work-related expenses beginning in late 2012. When Knop resigned his employment in 2014, the complaint alleges that he was entitled to receive from Confluence over $70,000 in unpaid wages, unreimbursed expenses, and unpaid benefits.

Lead attorney on this case for the Plaintiff is Erin Rudert.

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