KM&A Files Class Action Lawsuit Against UPMC Over Data Breach and Identity Theft


February 27, 2014

UPMCKraemer, Manes & Associates LLC filed legal action today against UPMC on behalf of all employees affected by a major data breach and identity theft scheme. A number of UPMC employees had their personal data stolen by criminals who filed fraudulent tax returns in the employees’ names in order to receive their tax refunds. The perpetrators used social security numbers, names, and addresses to file the tax returns and open bank accounts to receive the refunds. 

The company has publicly acknowledged the issue and admitted that at least 22 employees have been affected. Employees speaking to our firm confirmed that the number is at least 50 and extends to multiple UPMC facilities. The true number may be hundreds or thousands of people whose only connection is their employment at UPMC. The scale of the fraud is not fully known yet, and federal investigators are working to uncover more information. 

It is believed that UPMC is legally at fault for the data breach that lead to the identity theft scheme. The company had its employees’ personal information on file, and it appears that vulnerabilities in their system allowed the information to be stolen. The case was filed in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas as a class action. According to the complaint, UPMC was negligent by failing to reasonably guard the sensitive information in its care.

Lead attorneys on this case are Elizabeth Pollock-Avery, Michael Kraemer, and David Manes. Full text of the complaint, as filed with the court, is available here: Complaint – UPMC. The case is docketed in the Allegheny Court of Common Pleas at GD-14-003285.

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