Jim Shorkey Family Auto Group Re-Hires Sex Offender, Allegedly Forcing One Of His Victims To Work With Him.


Employee Files Lawsuit against Jim Shorkey Family Auto Group for Gender Discrimination and Retaliation

Lauren, hired in 2013 as a sales person, attended a work event with Jim Shorkey Family Auto Group in Vegas in 2015. During the trip, according to Lauren, a coworker sexually assaulted her. An investigation confirmed that the sexual assault occurred. Lauren recalls that Jim Shorkey offered the option of resignation to the sex offender, thereby allowing him to keep his severance package and commissions. Naturally, shaken and under severe emotional distress, Lauren requested time off for recovery. She revealed that Jim Shorkey, the owner of the company, told Lauren that her vacation time was available to her for recovery.

A year later, Lauren shares that Jim Shorkey said he would be re-hiring the man who sexually assaulted her. Lauren immediately explained how this would negatively influence her emotional health and create an unhealthy work environment. She asserts that the auto group informed Lauren they were still going to re-hire the sex offender, allegedly giving Lauren four options: move to a different dealership, accept a lesser-paid position, remain in the same position and deal with it, or quit. For Lauren, none of these options were viable since she needed her job to support herself and her daughter.

In light of these dismissal choices offered by her boss, Lauren took a week of vacation to mull over her options. She couldn’t understand why Jim Shorkey Family Auto Group would hire her sexual assaulter to a better, higher paid job position while she was forced to consider four unfavorable options to accommodate him. Throughout her week off, Lauren claims that she had to handle frequent calls from Jim Shorkey, harassing her for a final decision.

Lauren asserts that Jim Shorkey ordered her to “put your game face on,” “fake it,” and “control [your] emotions” when she started working with the man who sexually assaulted her.On Lauren’s first day back to work, she discovered that Jim Shorkey had demoted her. Lauren asserts that Jim Shorkey ordered her to “put your game face on,” “fake it,” and “control [your] emotions” when she started working with the man who sexually assaulted her. The first day Lauren worked with her sexual assaulter, she describes battling physical illness and emotional deterioration as memories attacked her. According to Lauren, Jim Shorkey refused to acknowledge her mental anguish and failed to offer any options that would allow her to keep her current position or earn a similar income. By the end of her first day working with the sex offender, Jim Shorkey allegedly forced Lauren to quit.

Lauren interprets the actions of Jim Shorkey Family Auto Group to be awarding a man who, after investigation, did in fact, sexually assault her. When Lauren expressed distress over his re-hire, the group allegedly continued to favor the sex offender, not offering Lauren any option besides a demotion. KM&A fights gender discrimination and retaliation for employees like Lauren who have suffered extreme employment injustices.

Full text of this complaint, as filed with the District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, is available at docket no: 2:17-cv-01003-CB

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