Female Employee Suspects Gender Discrimination When She Supervises A Male Employee with a Higher Salary Than Her.


Employee Files Lawsuit against Munich Reinsurance America, Inc., for Wage-Based Gender Discrimination

Alicia began working for Munich Reinsurance America, Inc., in 2007. Throughout her time with the company, she received many excellent performance ratings as well as merit-based pay and promotions. However, as Alicia continued to build her skill set, she noticed a disparity in pay between herself and her male counterparts. In 2013, Alicia started working with the Catastrophe Modeling Groups in Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. Her similarly situated male coworkers allegedly earned more than her, and Alicia learned that she and her fellow male lead earned vastly different salaries. Alicia claims to have received $66,535 less than her male coworker who held the same position as her.

Naturally, Alicia filed complaints with Munich Reinsurance America about this ongoing problem. In 2014, Alicia became a supervisor over a male employee, whose base salary was allegedly higher than her own. Once again, Alicia noticed this pay inequity, so she again complained to her direct supervisor. However, no actions were taken to rectify the pay issue.

After years of waiting for the company to correct the wage-based gender discrimination, Alicia finally resigned. Before her final day at the company, Alicia discovered that the man hired to fill her role was to receive a much higher base salary than her own. No one deserves to be treated so poorly due to their gender, and KM&A challenges employers who think they can get away with wage-based discrimination against women like Alicia.

Full text of this complaint, as filed with the District Court for the District of New Jersey, is available at docket no: 3:17-cv-06285

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