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RMN is a Pittsburgh law firm focusing on business law, employment law, and litigation. At RMN, our clients include small businesses and their owners, employers, employees, and parties in civil litigation. Our legal team is experienced in our practice areas and aggressive when it comes to pursuing our clients’ interests. RMN is not like the ancient firms of years past, and it does not operate the way old law firms are used to doing business. RMN firmly believes in its innovations in legal representation, and it is constantly striving to improve the legal experience for the people who matter, the clients.

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We look forward to working with you and will provide the highest quality legal services in a responsive and efficient manner.
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Why we try to avoid hourly billing

The old way that most attorneys billed for legal services involved taking a large retainer up front and billing by the hour. Clients wouldn’t have a firm idea of the cost until the invoice came in the mail weeks or months later. Hourly billing invoices typically include line items for meetings, phone calls, filings, memos, and documents. There are some times when hourly billing is the only practical way to move forward. But at RMN, we try to avoid hourly billing as much as possible. Instead, we try to bundle distinct projects together and quote fixed, flat fees for them that we discuss up front. We find that this way works better for everybody than the old way of billing. Instead of billing according to the number of hours we spend on your case, we bill according to the value of the services we provide. Here are the three main benefits:

Nobody wants to be surprised by a legal bill, just like nobody wants to an open-ended financial commitment if there is an alternative. When you know exactly what the range of legal fees could be, you can evaluate your options in a smart and informed way.
Unless your attorneys give you fixed, flat rates, it’s impossible to know how much you need to set aside for legal expenses. We want you to be able to know from the beginning of our representation exactly what you will be getting from us and exactly how much you need to set aside for legal fees.
Clients who pay by the hour often end up staring at the phone or computer wondering how much their attorney will bill them if they make a call or send an email. We want our clients to be highly engaged with us as we work together on their legal issues.


Promises we make to every client

  1. We will help evaluate your needs first, before you have to pay anything.
  2. We will candidly discuss strengths, weaknesses, liabilities, and options.
  3. We will protect all your information as strictly confidential.
  4. We will give you regular updates as new developments arise in your case.
  5. We will push aggressively and without delay for a quick resolution.

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